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Affymetrix Inc   
Microarray Systems, Clinical MicroArray,Whole Genome Analysis, Cancer Genetics, Plant Biotechnology etc 

Laboratory Reagents and Chemicals, Real Time PCR Kits, ExoSapIT, Enzymes, Cloning Kits etc.                                      
Transgenomics Inc.

Denaturing HPLC Systems, Columns, Buffer Systems, IVD Certified Kits and Chemicals, CE Certified Instruments
Biolog Inc.
Manual, Semi and Fully Automated Microbial Identification Systems, Phenotypic Microarrays, Identification Kits etc.
Omni Scientific Inc.
Cell Distruptors, Homogenizers, Bead Ruptors, Probes and consumables.
Labogene GmbH
Laboratory Centrifuges, ULT Freezers, Biology Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Hoods, Blood bank Instruments etc.
Gold Biotech Inc
Plant Tissue Culture Chemicals, Antibiotics, Bulk Chemicals, Molecular Biology Products etc.
Cooperative Dignostics Inc.Real Time HCV, HBV, Dengue, Tuberculosis etc. Diagnostic Kits. Single Tube Master Mixes
Biosera Ltd. UK
Animal and Human Tissue Culture Media, Full range of products in its class of consumables.
IDT DNA Technologies Inc.Synthetic Primers, DNA/RNA Probes, Genes, Modified Primers, G-Block Genes etc.
Norgen BioTek Canada
Over 139 different types of DNA, RNA and Protein Isolation Kits, Research diagnostic Kits, Presynthesized Primer sets etc.
QueLabs Inc. Canada

Full range of Bacterial Culture Media, Antibiotic Discs. Premade formulations etc.
Baylis-Kimberly Klark

Medical Diagnostics for Pain Mnagement Systems and Solutions. RF Generators and probes etc.